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Benvenuto nella zona dei Dolci e Biscotti

Cakes and biscuits are a staple of the Italian diet. They're eaten at breakfast, as la merenda (afternoon snack) and for dessert. In Italy when you're invited to someone's home it's custom to visit una pasticceria (bakery) for a mixed tray of freshly baked cakes to offer to your host. The pasticceria will usually present them beautifully on a golden tray with beautiful wrapping and bows. Che bello! You would never buy a birthday cake from a supermarket but would visit la pasticceria to have one made. If you're lucky and are in Italy during the summer, visit una pasticceria and ask for una torta al gelato (ice cream cake). È delizioso!

Buon appetito amici!

Interesting Facts about Dolci & Worksheets

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  • Torta di Compleanno Italian birthday cake

  • Torta Vegana alle Mele Vegan apple cake

  • Torta Straciatella Chocolate chip cake

  • Flan alla Frutta Fruit flan

  • Salame di Cioccolato Chocolate salami

  • Tiramisù per Bambini Kids tiramisù

  • Pan di Spagna Vanilla sponge

  • Torta Sacher Sacher cake

  • Savoiardi

  • Torta di Cioccolato Chocolate cake

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