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Suitable for Freezing




1kg Mascarpone

300g Zucchero Semolato

6 Tuorli


600ml Caffè



Step 1

È ora di cucinare!

  • First of all brew the coffee so it has time to cool down

  • In a mixing bowl beat the egg yolks with the sugar at high speed until they become thick and glossy

  • Add the mascarpone and continue to beat at high speed until you have a thick cream as shown

Lecca il cucchiaio, vedrai com'è buono!


Step 2

  • Now that the coffee is cool add the Disaronno

  • Choose an appropriate serving dish and coat the bottom with a thin layer of the cream

  • Take the savoiardi one at a time and soak them in the coffee mix then lay them on top of the cream. Repeat this process until the serving dish is covered.

  • Add a thick layer of cream and dust it with sifted cocoa powder

  • Add another layer of savoiardi biscuits dipped in coffee.

  • Repeat this process layering biscuits with cream until your dish is full. On the final layer give it a good coat of sifted cocoa powder.

Non vedo l'ora di assagiarlo!

È Pronto!


I consigli di Melissa

  • Tiramisù needs time to set before serving. It's best made either a day in advance or early in the morning ready for the evening.

  • You can use home made savoiardi or you can find them in supermarkets. Arden & Amici are the best brand I've found in UK shops.

  • It's up to you how much Disaronno you wish to use. The important thing is that you use good quality brewed coffee and not instant. If you don't have an electric or traditional hob coffee maker you can use filtered coffee instead. LaVazza is the most famous Italian coffee. There are different types based on the intensity of the coffee. You'll find LaVazza in most UK supermarkets.

  • It's always important to use good quality eggs, especially when they're served raw. Avoid chestnut maran eggs as the dark yolks will discolour the cream. Free range or organic Lion quality eggs are best for this dessert. If you don't want to use raw egg you can use pasteurised egg instead.

  • I like my tiramiù to be very moist with lots of coffee so I make sure the savoiardi are well soaked leaving them in the coffee for about 4 seconds. If you want the flavour to be milder and less wet soak the savoiardi for just a couple of seconds.

  • Make sure you use dark cocoa. It balances out the sweetness of the cream and better compliments the coffee

  • Tiramisù keeps in the fridge for a few days. You can also keep it in the freezer.


1kg Mascarpone

300g Caster Sugar

6 Egg Yolks


600ml Coffee


Dark Cocoa Powder

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