Pasta Campidanese

(Pasta with sausage)

Pasta Campidanese is a typical Sardinian dish made with tomato sauce and fresh sausage. Fresh sausages in Italy and other European countries are very different to the sorts you find here. In Italy fresh sausage is usually sold in long rolls rather than individual 'bangers'. They have a higher meat content and a unique seasoning. British sausages don't work well in this dish so when I don't have Italian ingredients to hand I use a little imagination. If you can't find fresh Italian style sausages use Italian or French dry cured sausage and olives to make this tasty dish!

Vediamo come si fa!


450g Peeled Plum Tomatoes

Bowl Pitted Olives

150g Dry Cured Sausage
1/3 Medium onion
150ml E.V.O Oil

Handful Parsley

Rock Salt

Soft Cheese OR Splash of Milk


450g Pelati

Ciottola Olive Snocciolate

150g Salsiccia Secca
1/3 Cipolla Media
150ml Oglio E.V.O

Manciata Prezzemolo

Sale Grosso

Un Formaggio Soffice OPPURE un po di Latte

Step 1

È ora di cucinare!

  • Blend the tomatoes until smooth and frothy

  • Finely dice the onion and cut the sausage into small chunks.

  • Heat a splash of E.V.O oil in a pan and add the sausage, olives and onion. Allow it to sizzle for a few minutes.

Mamma mia che buon profumo!

  • When the sausage is sizzling nicely add the blended tomatoes to the pan.

  • Next add the E.V.O oil and mix well along with the parsley

  • Allow to cook for 10 minutes before adding rock salt to taste.

  • Stir regularly so it doesn't stick. Cook for a further 20 minutes or until it reaches your desired consistency.

  • Lastly add either a couple of tablespoons of soft cheese or a splash of milk and mix well. Cook for a couple of minutes to ensure it's melted in and remove from heat. Allow to cool before serving.

È Pronto!

I consigli di Melissa

  • This sauce is also really good in pasta al forno (pasta bake). Pre cook the pasta until it's slightly harder than al dente. Mix it in with lots of sauce (more than you'd use if you were serving it normally) and add mozzarella with parmiggiano o pecorino on the top. If you want to be especially decadent, add a thin layer of besciamella before you sprinkle on the cheese. You can even put it in the freezer ready for another time!

  • I add a little Philadelphia or ricotta cheese but if you don't have any to hand a splash of milk will help reduce the acidity of the tomatoes to make the sauce tastier.

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