With the Mediterranean ocean and warm climate Italy has a much richer variety of raw ingredients compared to us in the UK. Unfortunately it's not always possible to export goods, especially seafood as they need to be enjoyed fresh. There are also many things that wouldn't sell here because they seem strange and unusual. Here's a few of them, do you think you'd like to try them one day?

  • Ricci di Mare (Sea Urchins) -


  • Pesce Spada (Sword Fish) - Swordfish is very popular in Italy and features on many restaurant menus. Typically it's cooked and eaten with un contorno (an accompaniment) but it can also be served as Carpaccio. This is a type of antipasto where the fish is very thinly sliced and served raw with a dressing or sauce. Beef Carpaccio is also very popular in Italy.

  • Coniglio (Rabbit) - Rabbit meat is very popular

pic of sea


My Babbo (that's my dad) often recalls fond memories of wading through the water in search for sea urchins to eat on the beach. These strange looking creatures are also popular in Japan and South Korea where they're consumed raw. My Babbo would collect as many as he could find and would then open them up with a special tool, rinse them in the sea and scoop out the insides with his tongue! This is how most Italians enjoy them but they can also be used in pasta dishes if you don't fancy eating them raw. Do you think you would be brave enough to eat ricci di mare?

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