Benvenuto nella zona dei Contorni

Even the yummiest dish is ruined if it doesn't have the right accompaniment.  In Italia the variety is massive as they have a lot of seasonal vegetables which aren't usually available here in the UK.  Non Preocuparti I know plenty of recipes that I can share with you all made using readily available ingredients that are deliziosi!

Buon appetito amici!

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  • Cavolfiore con Olive Cauliflower with olives

  • Patate in Besciamella Gratinate Crispy top potatoes in cheese sauce

  • Melanzane al Cartoccio Oven baked aubergines with garlic

  • Insalata di Patate e Fagiolini Potato and green bean salad

  • Funghi al Aglio Garlic mushrooms

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