Patate con Prosciutto di Parma
(Potato bake with Parma ham)

Suitable for Freezing


1kg Potatoes

4 Sticks Rosemary

40g Parma Ham

1 Egg

60g Grated Parmesan

40g Grated Provola


E.V.O Oil



1kg Patate

4 Bastoncini di Rosmarino

40g Prosciutto di Parma

1 Uovo

60g Parmiggiano Grattugiato

40g Provola Grattugiata

Erba Cipollina

Oglio E.V.O


Step 1

È ora di cucinare!

  • Peel and wash the potatoes

  • Bring a saucepan of water to the boil and add a handful of rock salt and the rosemary sticks

  • Cut the potatoes into chunks and boil until soft

  • Drain the potatoes and carefully remove any rosemary leaves that have come loose.

C'è gia un buon profumo!

Step 2

  • Put the drained potatoes back into the empty pan

  • Add a splash of E.V.O oil, salt and pepper and a knob of butter. Use a hand blender to blitz the potatoes, add the egg and blitz again

  • Roughly chop a small bunch of chives and add to the potatoes

  • Add the grated parmiggiano

  • Use your hand to tear the prosciutto di Parma into small pieces and mix into the potatoes

Step 3

  • Transfer the potato mixture into a suitable oven dish and allow it to cool

  • Sprinkle the top with the grated provola cheese and dot some butter around.

  • If you have some breadcrumbs to hand lightly dust the top with a thin layer as this will give it a nice crispy finish once baked.

  • Cook in a preheated oven at 200°C for 20-25 minutes

È Pronto!

I consigli di Melissa

  • Sometimes I make this recipe using mortadella instead of prosciutto di Parma. You can use any type of ham you like. You could even try using salsicca secca or wurstel sausage.

  • When I cook this for an everyday meal I'll use any old baking dish. If you're preparing this for company and want the presentation to be nicer there are a couple of things you can try to avoid having messy cuts. You can turn it into a 'pie' by blind baking shortcrust pastry in a loose bottomed tin and then cooking the potato bake inside the pastry. This way you can cut it into tidy slices which looks nicer on the plate. If you're preparing a buffet try this method instead. When the potato has cooled take a handful and flatten it a little on a plate so it's thickness is even. Use a cookie cutter to make a nice shape. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and use kitchen roll dabbed in a little oil to lightly grease the paper. Transfer your shapes onto the tray and then sprinkle on the cheese, butter and breadcrumbs as per the recipe. Cook as normal in the oven and after 20 so minutes you'll have some lovely bitesize treats to add to the buffet table!

  • It's important to boil the potatoes with the rosemary. This enriches them with lots of flavour and leaves the potatoes nice and smooth so you don't have to pick out rosemary leaves as you're eating.

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