Torta Salata con Prosciutto Crudo, Carciofi ed Aspararagi

(Quiche with Parma ham, artichokes and asparagus)

Suitable for Freezing

In Italia i carciofi (artichokes) are a very popular vegetable. They're used in sauces, pasta dishes, side dishes and also enjoyed raw as a snack. They're only in season during December and January and you often won't find fresh ones in UK shops even during those months. You can find tinned ones as an alternative which is what I'm using for this recipe. They're full of iron, if you eat fresh ones raw the iron content will turn your tongue black after a few bites!

Vediamo come si fa!


320g Shortcrust Pastry

150g Dolcelatte Cheese

3 Eggs

200ml Single Cream

60g Parma Ham

3 Artichoke Hearts

50g Grated Parmesan

200g Grated Emmenthal

100g Asparagus

Handful Chives


Black Pepper


320g Pasta Frolla

150g Dolcelatte

3 Uova

200ml Panna da Cucina

60g Prosciutto Crudo

3 Carciofi

50g Parmiggiano

200g Emmenthal

100g Asparagi

Manciata di Erba Cipollina



Step 1

È ora di cucinare!

  • Line a loose bottomed tin with the pastry. Make sure it's firmly pressed down and pierce it repeatedly with a fork.

  • Blind bake the pastry in a preheated oven at 200°C until lightly browned.

  • Remove from oven and set aside to cool

Prepariamo il ripieno!

Step 2

  • Lightly beat the eggs with a wire whisk

  • Add the dolcelatte and continue to beat until smooth

  • Add the cream, salt and pepper and mix in well

  • Roughly chop the chives and add to the bowl

  • Use your hands to tear the prosciutto crudo into small bits and add to the mix.

  • Squeeze out any excess liquid from the artichokes and cut into small bits with a knife. Separate the layers and add to the mix.

  • Mix in the grated parmiggiano and 150g of the grated emmenthal cheese

Step 3

  • Pour the mixture into the pastry case and level out with a spoon

  • Sprinkle the remainder of the emmenthal cheese on the top

  • Line the asparagus as shown and drizzle a little E.V.O oil over the top

  • Cook in a preheated oven at 220°C for 25-30 minutes until the top is golden

  • Once cooked remove from oven and allow to settle for 10-15 minutes before serving

È Pronto!

I consigli di Melissa

  • Dolcelatte is a very mild, creamy cheese. If you don't want to use a blue cheese you can substitute it for 250g ricotta instead

  • If you can't find artichoke hearts you can substitute them with anything else you like. You could use red onion, peppers or zucchine!

  • This will keep for 2 days in the fridge. I often cut any leftovers into single portions and then store them in the freezer.

  • Here I've used 'Jus-Roll' ready made pastry. 1 Pack is enough to make torta salata if you have the time home made pastry is always better.

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